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When and How To Sow Nasturtiums?

Easy to sow and cultivate, nasturtiums offer simple but very colorful flowers. You can sow climbing nasturtiums to let them fall, run on stakes or on a fence, or sow dwarf nasturtiums , to be used in this case rather in planters, on the edge of beds or in the vegetable patch.


1. Do nasturtiums grow back every year?

Not directly because nasturtiums are annual plants: they die as soon as the first cold weather hits. But they reseed themselves the following year, provided they drop a few seeds on the ground in autumn. If the winter is mild, young nasturtium plants will appear naturally the following spring.

To be sure to see them grow back, you can also harvest the seeds of your dwarf or climbing nasturtiums in September. Let them dry for a few days flat in the sun or under a shelter if the weather is rainy. Then keep them all winter in a kraft paper bag or in an airtight box to resow them the following spring.

When and How To Sow Nasturtiums?

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