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When Should You Get Your Windows Cleaned?

Regular window cleaning is a necessary task for any homeowner, as it extends the life of your windows and makes your home appear its best. Depending on where you live, spring is typically the best season to clean windows because the weather is warmer and less likely to pose any problems.

A microfiber cloth or towel for wiping away dust, a window cleaning solution (either a DIY or professional glass cleaner that leaves no streaks will do), a squeegee, sponge mop, or scrubber to remove the excess cleaner, and either a tall mop pole or a ladder for reaching higher, out-of-reach areas are all you need to clean your windows.

Here’s what you need to know to keep your windows gleaming whether you do it yourself or pay professional window cleaners.


1. When Is the Best Time to Clean Windows?

If you live in a dirty environment or your windows tend to get dirty quickly, scheduling window cleanings at different times of the year may be necessary. It is recommended to clean the windows at least once a year and more frequently if necessary. This should include the screens.

Pros advise against washing windows on extremely sunny days or during periods when a window is in direct sunlight, as doing so may cause the glass to dry too rapidly, resulting in smudges.

The best results can be achieved while cleaning windows on a cloudy day with no precipitation, as this allows the lather more time to dry. Even though window cleaning is most effective when temps are in the 70s, it may be done properly when they are lower or higher.

It may be necessary to clean your windows more often if they are in an area with a lot of pollen, air pollution, trash, or dust to prevent the accumulation of dirt and the eventual breakdown of the glass.

If you’re cleaning your windows in the rain, you can rest easy knowing that the evaporated raindrops won’t leave any stains and will really help your home look like it’s been power-washed.

If you have the correct equipment, you can clean your windows at any time of the year, not just in the spring when the weather is nice enough to do it. Cleaning windows in the summer heat and direct sunshine or the winter cold can be tough on hands and icy panes, therefore it’s best to do it at a season with pleasant weather, like spring or autumn.

If you must clean your windows in the winter, use antifreeze in your window cleaning solution and cold water instead of hot to avoid sudden temperature changes that could crack your glass. To defrost windows, use lukewarm water and be careful if you must use a ladder.

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