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When Should You Get Your Windows Cleaned?

Regular window cleaning is a necessary task for any homeowner, as it extends the life of your windows and makes your home appear its best. Depending on where you live, spring is typically the best season to clean windows because the weather is warmer and less likely to pose any problems.

A microfiber cloth or towel for wiping away dust, a window cleaning solution (either a DIY or professional glass cleaner that leaves no streaks will do), a squeegee, sponge mop, or scrubber to remove the excess cleaner, and either a tall mop pole or a ladder for reaching higher, out-of-reach areas are all you need to clean your windows.

Here’s what you need to know to keep your windows gleaming whether you do it yourself or pay professional window cleaners.

2. Tips for Keeping the Windows Clean

The curb appeal and overall ambiance of your property can take a hit if the windows aren’t clean. A window’s clarity and resistance to the elements depend on how well it is maintained throughout time.

If you can, clean the windows on a weekly basis, being sure to get into all the nooks and crevices where dust could collect. A window screen can help keep debris like dirt, insects, and pollen from settling on your windows. Keeping your window screens clean will prevent water spots on your external windows.

If you want your windows to stay immaculate for longer, use a two-step window cleaning technique. Wipe away extra dust and dirt with a dry cloth or towel before applying your wet window cleaner. Bonus features like rain repellant might be included in a professional glass cleaning solution, allowing you to go longer between washings.

To prevent extra dripping from drying on the glass, wipe it dry with a squeegee, mop, or towel after spraying the window cleaner.

Cleaning your windows on a regular basis can enhance the efficiency of your home’s energy usage and cut your expenses, as well as aid the environment in other ways.

Most birds and insects cannot see through standard window screens, making them a target for window crashes. Add humane screens and protectors to your windows, like UV-reflecting glass tapes, decals, or liquid treatments, to protect your windows and the wildlife in your area.

These products are cost-effective, humane, and will not significantly reduce the clarity of your windows from the inside looking out, all while lowering the likelihood of accidental window breakage.

UV-reflecting glass tapes

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