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When To Pick Peppers, Where To Store Them, And How To Tell If They’re Ripe!

Picking, maturing, and storing the two nightshade family members of peppers and tomatoes are very different.

In order to keep your peppers as fresh as possible after harvesting, here is a look at how to tell when it’s time to pick them and how to store them after harvest.

2. Pick Some of the Early Peppers

When it comes to harvesting peppers off a plant, this is a decent rule of thumb:

The sooner a pepper plant begins to produce peppers that are close to their maximum size, the sooner you should select at least half of them. In addition to allowing you to pick peppers earlier, this method also keeps the plant producing more peppers over time. And in the long run, this will allow the plant to produce more peppers in the near future.

The same as with tomatoes, pepper plants suffer from fruit overload when they are left to mature with an abundance of peppers. When a plant tries to mature too many peppers at once, it results like this.

So, the plant will stop generating new flowers if this occurs. And you don’t want it to happen to your plants!

Pick Some of the Early Peppers

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