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5 Reasons Why Your Flowers Aren’t Blooming

Some flowering plants take years to produce their first buds, but even healthy plants frequently produce a lot of leaves but no flowers. A lack of flowers can be caused by a number of factors, some of which we can change and others of which we must accept_ and typically one of the following five issues is involved.

2. Pruning at the Wrong Time

Late season pruning used to be a common reason why shrubs and trees wouldn’t bloom. The flower buds of next year can be lost if plants are pruned too late in the season.

It is possible to anticipate the blooming of lilacs, forsythia, and certain hydrangeas by setting their buds a year in advance. However, as new plants that can bloom on new growth are developed, this is becoming less of an issue. In particular, new hydrangea varieties are introduced every year that continue to bloom throughout the season even if you cut them while they’re still young.

However, if you want to keep older shrubs and trees, you’ll need to know when to stop pruning.


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