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Why Do You Have to Put the Slices of Bread Between the Oven Racks? The Clever Trick That Makes Life Easier

It should not come as much of a surprise that an oven can toast your bread to perfection just as well as a sophisticated toaster can because a toaster is fundamentally nothing more than a miniature oven.

Toasters are a popular appliance found on kitchen countertops; nevertheless, a lot of people don’t have room for one or just can’t justify buying one given the amount of toast they typically consume.

You can make perfect toast in your oven even if you do not have a toaster or if you are trying to toast more than a dozen pieces of bread at the same time.


1. This Hack Makes Perfect Toast Without Using A Toaster

According to Tasting Table, you can make perfectly toasted bread in under 15 minutes with nothing more than a baking sheet and the oven knob cranked to approximately 450 degrees Fahrenheit.

Using this method is the best course of action if you are planning on throwing a party. By toasting a full loaf of bread in the oven rather than just a few slices at a time, as you would do with a toaster, you can cut your time spent in the kitchen in half.

If you want properly toasted slices of bread, lay the baking sheet on a lower rack in the oven. Then, position the slices of bread on the rack above it so that they are standing straight. The top oven rack will keep the bread in position and allow the heat to reach every part of the bread, and ta-da! You’ve got yourself a homemade toaster.


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