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Why You Should Avoid Tilling Your Garden This Fall!

If you want your garden to be in good condition and full of energy the next year, one of the most important things you can do this fall is not till it under. In point of fact, the less digging you do in your fall garden, the better it will be for you.

Here’s a comprehensive look at the problems associated with fall tilling, along with several excellent options for finishing up your garden this season in a way that will assist to practically eliminate next year’s weeds and enhance your garden’s soil.

3 reasons why you shouldn’t till your Fall garden.


1. Eliminate Next Year’s Weeds

The number one way to get more weeds in your garden is to till it. Which means more work for you in the long run to get rid of them.

Even more so when it comes to late-fall vegetable garden tilling. How so? By the end of summer and the beginning of October, most gardens have more than their share of weeds.
Weeds often take over after crops have been harvested and plants are starting to die off.

And many of those weeds have already developed flowering tops, where seeds can be dispersed.

Also, many of the old vegetable plants have begun to shed their spoiled or otherwise flawed fruit to the ground. Plus, there are probably a lot of seeds still within that rotting fruit.

By the time fall arrives, a garden can contain a fair amount of weeds and rotting vegetables. And at this point, both the weeds and spent vegetables contain plenty of seeds!

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