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Here’s why you should always leave a window open in your house Year-Round

Opening a window isn’t just for nice days. There are many good reasons to leave your windows open all year long. Even if you only open a window for a short time on a cold day, there are still benefits to doing so.

The tight seals on modern homes keep us warm, but the air inside gets stale. Even though HVAC systems move and filter the air, they don’t bring in fresh air on their own. So, even if you have air conditioning, the air inside is not nearly as clean as the air outside.

If you open a window for as little as five minutes a day, you can get some of these benefits.


1. Feel the breeze

When it’s warm outside but not hot enough to turn on the air conditioner, open the windows to control the temperature in your home. When you open windows on opposite sides of a room, you get a nice cross breeze that can help you stay cool without having to run the AC.


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