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Why You Should Never Kill a Spider?

When it comes to whether or not you should kill spiders, the common consensus is “No.” This is because, both in the wild and in your home, they contribute significantly to the greater good. There are, of course, valid reasons to put an end to a spider’s life. Don’t hesitate to smash that spider if it’s a very dangerous species like a Black Widow and your infant is moving towards it too quickly for you to stop it.

There is no question that you should kill a spider if you or a loved one are in immediate danger. If, on the other hand, you come across a spider relaxing on its web in the corner of your garage, you should probably leave it alone because of the good it does. In light of this, let’s talk about the ways in which spiders are useful, as well as the best ways to kill one humanely.


1. Why House Spiders Are Beneficial/Why You Shouldn’t Kill House Spiders?

House spiders (a slang term for spiders that typically live indoors and weave their webs) are beneficial unless they become a safety concern. If it’s out of the way in your attic, garage, or shed, it’s actually doing you a favor!

Natural Pest Control

In the same way that commercial pest treatment may get rid of flies, roaches, and stink bugs for a fee, a spider can do the same thing for free. Spiders can also eat termites, which you do not want in your home. If you leave spiders alone to do their thing in the dark and warm places they love, they will repay you by eating a lot of insects that are a nuisance.

If a house spider ever becomes a problem, you can relocate it outside, but it may not do as well as other spider species in its new environment. Having said that, trapping and releasing a spider provides it with a better chance of being beneficial to someone else than simply killing it.


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