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10 Ingenious Ways to Lock a Door Without Using a Lock

Locks have long been thought to be the best way to secure a door. However, if a lock fails, if the door lacks a lock, or if you don’t trust the current lock in an apartment or condo, you may want to take steps to secure the door and the home.

While installing, rekeying, repairing, or replacing a lock is the best solution, the following ten methods show how to secure a door closed without a lock. Each is a quick, temporary fix that will allow you to get a good night’s sleep while you wait for the locksmith to arrive in the morning.


1. Rope or Belt

Most of the time, lever-style door handles are easier to lock than knob-style door handles because a belt or rope can be used to stop the handle from moving. Simply tie one end of the belt or rope to the handle and the other to a stationary object. When the handle can open both upwards and downwards, consider using two tethers to completely prevent movement.

Because the tether can be attached to a heavy object, such as a refrigerator or couch, a belt or piece of rope is also a good option for securing an outward opening door. Wrap the tether around both handles of French doors to prevent them from opening.


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