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How To Grow Calamansi: An effective 7 steps guide

Calamansi is also known as Citrfortunella microcarpa or calamondin. It is a citrus fruit native to the Philippines. The Calamansi trees bear small, edible orange-like fruits that are rich in vitamin C. It tastes very sour and sometimes a little bitter but the peel is sweet. However, Calamnsi is not always available here. Therefore, we provide you with this guide on how to grow Calamansi.

Calamansi is also known for its many domestic uses, including the treatment of insect bites and sore throat and removal of stains and odor in fabric materials. Besides being versatile, Calamnsi trees are also ideal decorative citrus trees in pots on a patio or planted in the landscape. You could grow them in your yard, garden or even in containers.

Just follow this easy steps guide and you will have your own fruitful Calamansi tree.


1. Calamansi growth requirements

Calamansi is a tropical fruit. It usually grows in South East Asia. Commonly, it is grown for decorative reasons. It has a beautiful appearance as well as a nice smell. Just like any other citrus trees, Calamansi grows in warm tropical and subtropical climate.

Calamansi growth requirements

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