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10 Signs Burglars Are Casing Your House

Case a house is a term used to describe the process by which thieves select their targets. The vast majority of burglars will not pick a house at random. Even the most incompetent burglar will spend many hours casing the neighborhood before deciding which house to break into. Criminals will also pay close attention to the surrounding area, selecting a spot that is ideal for their casing profile. A thief will “case” a house by observing the residents to learn the routines and then plot the most effective entry.

Wondering if you’re a target for burglary? Read the following 10 signs to figure out if a thief is keeping an eye on your house or one nearby.


1. There is a new car parked on the street

The first thing you may notice on the street is a new car. A vehicle is the most common method of transportation for burglars, as reported by UNC. The vehicle could be the thief’s own, that of a close relative, or one that was stolen. A burglar will rarely go on foot to scout a neighborhood. Any time a new car is parked on the street, residents should keep a close eye on it.

Note: Don’t approach a car unless you’ve written down its license plate number. In the event that a home is burglarized, you can provide the authorities with the license plate number. You might also report the suspicious car and wait for the cops.


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