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15 Clever Ways to Use Eggshells In The Home & Garden (And One Delicious Way to Eat Them)

If you have hens in your backyard, you may go through hundreds of eggs per year. Avoid sending the shells to the landfill by putting them to good use in your own yard and house

Check out these 15 Clever Ways to use an Eggshell!


1. Plant seeds indoors using eggshells

Plants can be grown in a variety of eco-friendly containers, such as peat pots, newspaper pots, gourd shells, and wooden flats; however, eggshells prove to be the most successful.

Fill half of the shell with dirt, carefully plant your seeds, and watch them grow. Return the used eggshells to the eggshell carton.

When your plants have reached a certain size, you can move the entire container out of the house and into the garden, where the shell will eventually break down and contribute calcium to the soil.


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