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18 Ornamental Artificial Houseplants That Look Almost Real

Many people want to add greenery to their lives but they are too busy to care for houseplants. The best option is to buy an artificial houseplant. Artificial houseplants require neither maintenance not caring. Most of all some houseplants look almost real and you can’t kill them.

Artificial houseplants just like real plants come in different sizes and shapes. Thus, they are perfect for indoor decorations. If you have a large space you want to adorn, choose a large artificial plant. If you have a small area available in your house, you can choose a tiny artificial houseplant. Either way, here are a few of the most ornamental artificial houseplants.

  1. Stephanotis Topiary

This is one of the most ornamental artificial houseplants. Stephanotis Topiary is gorgeous. It looks so real and it will bring nature to your indoor. This decorative artificial plant is available at target for a fair price.

2. Faux Cactus

These Faux Cactus are extremely beautiful. It is hard to tell they are fake even if you get a close look at them. They are ideal to decorate empty corners in your house.

3. Areca Palm

Palm plants are extremely popular houseplants. They are very decorative and they will add not only greenery but beauty to your indoors. They have a unique shape that will make them the focal point of any room. If you want to have this beautiful artificial plant, go to Houzz.

4. Climbing Artificial  houseplants

Vine houseplants are perfect for hanging baskets. They are extremely eye-grabbing and showy. They will attract the attention of your visitors. That is not all, they are also very alluring and cheerful.

However, taking care of them is challenging. Therefore, you should opt for climbing artificial houseplants. They have the same decorative effect and they require no maintenance and care.

5. Faux Fiddle Leaf Fig

Fiddle leaf fig is a popular houseplant for its decorative value. This plant is extremely attractive and appealing. However, it requires a lot of care and observation to grow and survive. Therefore, if you don’t have time for it, faux fiddle leaf fig will be an excellent alternative.

You can find this popular artificial houseplant at the World market. It is a bit expensive though.

6. Artificial succulent plant

Succulent artificial houseplants are ideal ornaments. They are attractive and they are small enough to fit anywhere in your house. You can even place it on top of your living room’s table. If you want to buy one of them, visit the target. 

7. Artificial Bamboo

18 ornamental artificial houseplants that look almost real

This is one of the most remarkable artificial houseplants. Besides its unique shape and form that looks outstanding, this Bamboo tree is also so large that will definitely draw anyone’s attention. It is about 5.9 feet. It is available at Amazon and it costs about 100 dollars.

8. Echeveria Succulent artificial houseplants

These are cute artificial houseplants to decorate your house with. They are very attractive. You can also use them to decorate your office. They don’t require space and they don’t look faux either.


9. Artificial Hanging Plants

These artificial vines are ideal for both indoors and outdoors decoration. You can hang them on any empty wall inside your house to make it look alive and colorful or you can hang them outdoors on your balcony or porch to add beauty to your house’s appearance. These beauties are available at Etsy for a very fair price.


10. Maranta Silk Plant

This extremely good-looking plant is one of the most exotic and appealing artificial houseplants. It is distinguished by its vintage and elegant look. You can buy it at the Target for no more than 60 bucks.

11. Faux Cactus

At first glance, you will think this is a real decorative Cactus plant. However, it is not. It is an artificial plant that will embellish your indoor beautifully. Besides looking almost real, it is also inexpensive and widely available. You can find artificial cactus houseplants in different sizes and shapes.

12. Artificial succulent garden

Succulent gardens are ornamental and very attractive. They have their own charm and beauty. They are also eye-grabbing. Having a succulent garden indoors will definitely make your house looks fabulous.


13. Artificial Ficus Houseplants

Ficus plants are famous for their heavy bush and foliage that make them look wonderful. Artificial Ficus houseplants don’t look different from real plants. In fact, faux ficus looks so natural that it is almost impossible to tell the difference without touching it. You can buy faux ficus at Amazon. It is quite affordable.


14. Artificial cactus houseplants

Faux cactus houseplants are always an excellent choice to decorate any house. They are adorable, attractive and most of all they won’t cost you much.

15. Artificial Succulent

If you are looking for a centerpiece to adorn your living room, this fabulous small succulent garden is a great choice. Besides, it is one of the most inexpensive artificial houseplants on this list. You can get it for 17 bucks at Tiger.


16. Artificial Succulent Echeveria

This artificial succulent flower is unique. It features an amazing shape and extremely remarkable color. It is also very tiny so you can place it anywhere you want. This ornamental item can be found at Etsy.


17. Faux Eucalyptus Leaves

These cuties are perfect to bring greenery outdoors. No one would tell they are fake.


18. Potted Faux Greenery

18 ornamental artificial houseplants that look almost real

This potted greenery will look fabulous in any house. It will not only add nature to your place but it will also add a joyful and delightful atmosphere.


These are the most decorative artificial houseplants. These houseplants look almost real. They are naturalistic, decorative and inexpensive. They will adorn your house in a very beautiful way. However, They remain Fake. If you want to decorate your house with real houseplants that require neither care nor maintenance, you should check out this article. 


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