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25 Incredible uses of terracotta pots that will inspire you

Commonly, terracotta pots are used as planters. They are good chic planters that will allow you to have a beautiful edible and ornamental garden. However, terracotta pots are versatile and they have many other uses you may not be familiar with. We have listed these uses of terracotta pots below. Go ahead and discover them.

1. DIY Terracotta Fountain

You can use terracotta pots and bowls to make this beautiful DIY terracotta fountain. This project is easy and you can find all the information about it at Instructables.

2. Planters for fairy gardens

Terracotta pots are perfect planters for creating a fairy garden. Creating a fairy garden in a terracotta pot is easy and you can involve your kids in it to perpetuate your gardening passion for them.

3. A Clay Pot Smoker

If you want to smoke meat or fish outdoor, you can make this Clay Pot Smoker easily following these steps.

4. Terracotta Wind Chime

This is one of the most creative uses of terracotta pots. You can use them to create this amazing wind chime. Learn how to here.

5. DIY Terracotta Garden Turtle

These cute turtles are made from terracotta pots. It is definitely one of the most decorative uses of terracotta pots. You can use these amazing turtles for both indoor and outdoor decorations. Learn how to make them at FaveCrafts.

6. Terracotta Pot Wreath


This remarkable wreath is made from terracotta pots. You can plant it with succulent plants and decorate your front door with. You can find the tutorial for it here.

7. Clay Pot Critters

These critters are very cute and ornamental. They are extremely cute and small enough to fit anywhere. You can use them to decorate tables, desks, and shelves. The instructions are available here.

8. DIY Terracotta Pot Bird Feeder

This is one of the most innovative uses of terracotta pots. You can transform a terracotta pot into this amazing bird feeder following these instructions.

9. Another Use of Flower Pots

You can create these wonderful food covers from terracotta pots. They are perfect for protecting your food during a garden party. MarthaStewart.com has the tutorial for this project.

10. Gumball Machine Candy Holder

If you want to make this appealing and ornamental machine candy holder, follow these steps. It is easy and all you need is a terracotta pot and saucer.

11. DIY Rain Chain

This is one of the most wonderful uses of terracotta pots. This rain chain is extremely decorative and you can use them to adorn both your indoors and outdoors. The guide for this amazing DIY project is available at Design Sponge.

12. Terracotta Pot Cupcakes

Terracotta pots are perfect for cupcakes. More information about this idea is available at The Imagination Tree.

13. Essential Oil Diffuser

This is definitely one of the cutest uses of terracotta pots. These two oil diffusers are very ornamental and functional. Besides, they are very easy to make, all you need is:

  • terracotta pots
  • saucers

Find more details about this project at Hearth & Vine!

14. Terracotta Pot Plant Marker

One of the most functional uses of terracotta pots is to make plant marks out of them. This is a nice DIY project. More information about it is available here.

15. Terracotta Pots Lighthouse

This beautiful lighthouse will decorate any part of your indoors and outdoors. It is extremely appealing and charming. Besides, it is functional. The lantern on top of it will serve as your guide at nighttimes. It can serve as a centerpiece for any outdoor space. Learn how to make it at eHow.

16. Terracotta Pot Table

This is a lovely terracotta table that you can place in your outdoor space or balcony. It is beautiful and functional. You surely need something to put your drinks on. You can also paint it in any color that suits your furniture. Learn more about this DIY project at  Dukes and Duchesses.

17. One Pot Three Hacks

This is another appealing table made of terracotta pots. It is lovely and big enough to hold many items. You will need a terracotta pot and a saucer.

18. Painted Terracotta Pots

This is a simple DIY project that revolves around terracotta pots. See more information about it at Tattooed Martha.

19. Terracotta Votives

These are very entertaining terracotta votives. Go to Sugar and Charm for a full detailed guide.

20. Flowerpot Pals

You can cool decorative crafts out of terracotta pots. This DIY project is one of the most creative uses of terracotta pots. These crafts are ideal to decorate a balcony, a porch or even an indoor space. The tutorial is available at Glue Arts.

21. Make S’mores in a Terracotta Pot

This is one of the most delicious uses of terracotta pots. They are perfect for making S’mores. They are cheaper than a firepit or a fireplace. Besides, they are small enough to fit anywhere which make them perfect for balconies. We found this DIY idea here.

22. Self Cleaning Garden Tool Holder

You can easily transform a terracotta pot into this garden tool holder. It is very useful and it requires no time.

23. DIY Cactus Pincushion

This is a good way to use terracotta pots. It is functional and very decorative. These DIY Terracotta Pot Cactus Pincushion are perfect to adorn your outdoor space.

24. DIY Christmas Tree from Terracotta Pots

You can make this entertaining Christmas tree out of terracotta pots. This is a nice DIY project that you should definitely try. Learn more about it at Garden Club.

25. Outdoor Candle Holder

These are extremely cute candle holders. They are also easy to make. Go to the Uncommon Designs for more information about this project.

These are the most incredible uses of terracotta pots. These uses are beautiful, functional and most of all creative. You should definitely try them.


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