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3 Safe Ways to Keep Your Chicken Coop Warm and Cozy

Keeping your chickens warm and safe over the winter is essential to ensuring the well-being of your flock.

The use of improper heating methods can significantly increase the risk of fire in a coop. After all, wood, straw, and even dry manure are all very flammable materials. And they’re all prominent in roosting areas for chickens.

In this article, we will take a look at three items that can help you keep your chickens warm and safe even when the thermometer drops to dangerously low levels.


1. Using Ceramic Heat Bulbs in Place of Traditional Heat Lamps

Heat lamps, or regular 75 or 100-watt light bulbs can be exceedingly dangerous in a coop. They can light dry, aged wood, straw, cardboard, or even manure from a distance.

And that’s precisely why ceramic heat bulbs are a great and much safer option. We’ve been using them in our coop, and they’ve been very useful for adding some radiant warmth.

These bulbs, which were originally designed for terrariums to keep snakes and lizards warm, emit an even, radiant heat. But much better, without the light that can interrupt the sleeping routines of your flock.

If you want to warm up your chicken coop with some radiant heat, ceramic heating bulbs are a terrific option. And because they don’t emit any kind of light, the chickens won’t be frightened.

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