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5 Big Secrets on How to Plant Garlic & Onions This Fall!

For optimal results, plant your garlic and onions in the fall. It not only allows you to keep a piece of your garden productive during the winter months, but it can also produce an extraordinarily huge and wonderful crop of both veggies next year. 

The following 5 secrets will help you get the most out of your fall planting of garlic and onion!


1. Plant at the Proper Time

Timing is crucial when planting fall crops such as garlic and onions. This implies planting the seeds for both veggies six to eight weeks before the first frost of winter.

Both crops need that full six-to-eight week growing period. It gives them time to establish themselves firmly before winter hibernation. In turn, solid root systems prepare plants for rapid early-spring growth. Then why not start planting earlier? For the same reason that both thrive in the crisp autumn air.

Both onion bulbs and garlic cloves can have problems germinating and thriving if planted too early in the summer. The best time to plant depends heavily on local weather conditions.

Plant garlic and onions with the top point facing up. This will allow the crop to germinate and grow to the surface quickly.

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