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5 Reasons Why Seeds Should Be Soaked Before Planting & How it Works

Gardeners who lack patience may question whether or not soaking is truly important given that it must be done a few hours before planting and ideally overnight. Soaking seeds is a crucial step in the germination process, and once you’re on board, we’ll explain why and how it works.

Does it Make a Difference to Soak Seeds? Simply put, no. Over millions of years of evolution, seeds germinate naturally in the wild and reproduce without any assistance from humans. That means you don’t need to do that extra step in order to plant seeds successfully. However, there are numerous advantages to soaking that justify the time and energy involved


1. Trigger Germination

We all know that seeds can’t sprout without water.

The precipitation patterns in various places mean that various amounts of moisture are necessary to activate various types of seeds. Because of the increased moisture around the seed due to the rain, the plant will begin the germination process once it is ready.

All seeds have a moisture sensor that can be activated by pre-soaking them in water. It’s not necessary to use a seed-starting mix, which could take longer.

They are instead dormant until planted, at which point they will immediately begin growing.

Trigger Germination

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