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7 All-Natural Methods To Get Rid Of Squash Bugs in Your Garden For Good!

Squash bugs are very similar to stink bugs, but are slightly thinner and shorter (ie. stink bugs are more round). They are roughly an inch in length and are known as shield bugs.

Squash bugs will attack practically all summer and winter squash varieties, though they favor certain types of squash and pumpkins over others.

Once squash bugs have invaded your garden, they are a pain to get rid of. Walking out to your garden and seeing your gorgeous squash plants wilting and on the ground can be a depressing sight.

So, the question is, what’s the best way to naturally eliminate squash bugs from your garden?

2. Companion plant

Planting plants known to repel insects is another method for reducing the population of squash bugs in your garden. The nasturtium and white icicle radish are two of the most popular plants used to deter squash bugs.

For the best results, plant them all over your squash beds. Squash pests can be kept at bay with the help of companion plants like oregano, marigold, calendula, and dill.

Companion plant

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