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7 Yoga Poses for Belly Fat Loss & Core Strength

Most people will have to deal with belly fat at some point in their lives, and it may be a major issue. However, even with a healthy diet and regular exercise, getting a flat tummy can take longer than you’d like.

Lucky for you, there are yoga poses that target belly fat and work like magic, making what would otherwise be an impossible undertaking much more manageable.

Here are seven fantastic yoga poses to help you lose belly fat. It’s important to slow down, breathe deeply, and remain calm.

Say farewell to your belly fat with these yoga moves.


1. Standing Forward Bend

When you lean forward in this yoga position, you’ll feel a total tightening of your abdominal muscles, which will help you lose weight and strengthen muscles in your belly.

Stand in the Mountain posture, with your hands on either side of your body and your feet resting together, heels touching.

Maintain a straight back.

Lift your hand up while taking a deep breath in.

As you exhale, bend forward until your body is equal to the floor.

Inhale, then exhale, and completely bend forward, your body falling away from your hips.

Without bending your knees, reach down and try to touch the floor with your palms.

Beginners might begin by contacting their toes or ankles and gradually progressing to the floor.

Hold your breath and tuck your tummy in for 60 to 90 seconds.

Exhale, leave your toes, and elevate your body to return to Mountain pose.

Do this exercise 10 times, giving yourself 10 seconds between 2 reps.


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