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8 Stunning Succulents that Bring Luck and Money

Succulents can attract money, have you heard? If you haven’t, then have a look at this fantastic post and make your life more prosperous and fortunate!

Do you want your home to be prosperous? Feng Shui says that these gorgeous Succulents will draw wealth and prosperity to your family, so plant some today!

The Money Magnet Succulents

1. Jade Plant

Jade Plant

Botanical Name: Crassula ovate

As a sign of prosperity and good fortune, the evergreen jade plant has oval-shaped leaves that resemble jade stone.

2. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera

Botanical Name: Aloe barbadensis miller

According to Vastu, placing aloe vera towards the North or East gives health advantages and good luck to the home.

3. Desert Rose

Desert Rose

Botanical Name: Adenium obesum

The plumped, inflated stem of this plant, known in Mandarin as “wealth plant,” represents wealth, fortune, and good fortune.

Keep in mind: The more plump the stem, the more fortunate you will be!

4. Chinese Money Plant

Chinese Money Plant

Botanical Name: Pilea pepermioides

Although this plant isn’t precisely succulent, it’s adored for its ability to bring luck and fortune. So named because of the huge green leaves stacked on top of each other.

5. Cactus


Botanical Name: Cactaceae

The Aztecs, who lived in Mesoamerican Mexico, believed that flowering cactus was a sign of good fortune. It brings happiness and good news to the person who owns the house or office.

6. Houseleek


Botanical Name: Sempervivum tectorum

In addition to being a good luck plant, the ‘always living’ plant protects the home against fire and lightening. In India, the plant is also known as “Laxmi Kamal” and is believed to provide prosperity and protection against witches to households.

7. Snake Plant

Snake Plant

Botanical Name: Sansevieria trifasciata

Protective energy can be brought into a home by placing this succulent in the right position. When stored in less busy settings, it also provides protection against negative Chi.

8. Baby Jade Plant

Baby Jade Plant

Botanical Name: Portulacaria afra

It is said that placing the dwarf jade plant on your workplace desk or table can bring you great luck and money, according to feng shui.

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