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Best Crock Dill Pickles: Secret Method to Ferment Cucumbers

When it comes to achieving that classic sour flavor, pickling and fermenting are very different. When making pickled veggies, vinegar is frequently included in the acidic brine that they’re submerged in (acetic acid).

However, the salt water brine used to preserve fermented foods may also contain spices and sugar. For that classic “pickle” flavor, anaerobic bacteria are developed and then naturally converted to acetic acid through this method.

Cucumbers can be preserved using either method because acetic acid is utilized in both. …and both of them taste like dill pickles.



Container for fermenting

Before you can start fermenting vegetables, you’ll need a big enough container. You’ll need a gallon container for every five pounds of vegetables, as a general rule of thumb.
Crock Dill Pickles can be made in a variety of containers, even if you don’t have a crock of your own. In place of a crock, food-grade glass or plastic containers are frequently utilized.
Mason jars of the gallon size are the most commonly used crock alternative. However, using a stoneware crock is the favored way of fermenting.


To keep the cucumbers submerged in the brine, you’ll also need a weighted object, like a crock or you can use a dinner plate with a diameter just a hair smaller than your crock.

A Cover

The container must be protected, so you’ll need a technique to do that as well. If you’re going to leave it on your counter for days or weeks, you’ll want to make sure it’s free of dust and bugs.

You should not, however, use an airtight lid because the fermentation gases must escape. If your crock pot doesn’t have a lid, you may use a clean tea towel instead.

Once you’ve figured out what you need to ferment cucumbers, it’s time to get down to business.


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