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Everything You Need to Know About Hydrangeas Care: Before & After they Bloom

So, now that your hydrangeas have bloomed, what should you do with them? Is it ok to cut them back? Is it necessary to remove the spent blooms?

Those are the most often asked questions regarding hydrangeas. There is a valid reason for this.

How you treat your hydrangeas throughout the summer can have a significant impact on the health of your plant and the quality of its next year’s blooms and performance.

Today’s essay on summer hydrangea care aims to address all of those concerns and more. During and after the blooming cycle, both are possible.

2. What To Do With Hydrangeas WHILE They’re Blooming?

Your hydrangea’s post-bloom care depends on the type of variation you have. When a flower blossoms, you can usually identify what variety it is.

Prune summer-blooming hydrangeas right after they finish blooming, in most cases. Oakleaf, Bigleaf, Climbing, and Mountain variants are all included in this category.

Every single one of these cultivars produces its next year’s flowers on this year’s late summer growth, or what is referred to as “old wood.” These kinds need to be pruned back in the fall since the wood that holds the next year’s blooms is also being pruned away if you wait until the fall.

Unfortunately, rather than poor plant or soil health, most gardeners have problems each year getting their hydrangeas to bloom because they pruned their bushes too late the previous year.

It’s better to go light on pruning hydrangeas with old wood flowering when they’re older. Major pruning isn’t necessary to keep hydrangeas blooming. You just need to prune to maintain your desired shape or to rein in overgrown limbs.

What To Do With Hydrangeas WHILE They’re Blooming

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