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How to Care For Your Hostas This Fall? When & How to Cut Back, Divide, and Transplant Hostas in the Fall?

If you put in a little effort this fall, you’ll be rewarded with much healthier hostas in your flowerbeds next spring. And that means hostas with bolder hues, expanded leaf sizes, and fuller flower clusters!

Hostas are among the most widely grown perennials. They provide major color and interest to flowerbeds, growing rapidly in the spring and blooming in the middle of summer.

How to take care of your Hostas in the Fall?

2. Cutting Back After A Frost

Your hostas may quickly wilt and die if a severe frost or freeze hits in the fall. It is now time to make the final pruning cuts before winter to get your plants ready for the cold season.

Even though the plants will survive the winter if left alone, the leaves should be raked up in the fall for the best results. Why? As a first step, the rotting vegetation can serve as a breeding ground for insects and a source of illness throughout the winter. Also, it’s not exactly aesthetically pleasing to just let the dead leaves pile up.

You can prune by cutting it down to within an inch or two of the ground using a sharp pair of garden or hedge shears. Add a layer of mulch on top to shield the plant’s roots from the harsh winter weather.

Fertilizing is something you definitely don’t want to do right now. If you fertilize your perennials in the fall, they will develop very slowly and delicately, which is not what you want. As a result, the plant may be severely damaged by frost during the winter.

Cutting Back After A Frost
Once a hard freeze or frost hits your hosta plants, they will quickly shrivel down and begin to decay. At this point, it is time to cut back the plants down to the surface.

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