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How To Deadhead Flowers: The Secret to Bigger Blooms!

Deadheading means taking off dead or dying flowers from plants. Whether you’re growing annuals in pots and containers or perennials in your beds, the way you care for your plants can have a huge impact on their long-term health.

In many cases, especially when it comes to annual flowers, it’s the most important aspect in keeping the blooms going strong. Nonetheless, don’t limit yourself to using it on your flower pots and containers.

Deadheading perennials, as you’ll see later, can be just as critical. Not just for increasing the number of blossoms, but also for preserving the beauty of their foliage.


1. How To Deadhead Annual Flowers & Perennial

Deadheading annuals versus perennials have a variety of advantages and disadvantages. If you’re planting annual flowers, deadheading will help keep them in full bloom. The more frequently you remove dead blossoms, the more new blooms will grow.

While deadheading perennials can help them produce more flowers and bloom for longer lengths of time, it’s more vital to keep the foliage strong and healthy throughout the growing season for perennials.

Here’s how you deadhead both annuals and perennials, and why it may have such a big impact on your plants.


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