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How to Grow Rosemary from Cuttings: A Step-by-Step Guide with Photos

In terms of crucial garden herbs, rosemary is near the top.

In addition to its many culinary applications—ranging from roasts to cocktails—this fast-growing, thick shrub also makes for an attractive ornamental. The more of this multipurpose plant you have in your garden, the better.

It’s easy to grow your own by taking cuttings. Even if you don’t have any money, you can get free plants by snipping a few of the neighbor’s stems.

Rosemary: Propagation Steps


1. Find a stem

Make sure you have a pair of sharp pruning shears on hand before you begin propagating. Using dull shears might harm the parent plant and prevent it from regrowing properly. Disease transmission can also be avoided by keeping them clean.

Now, select a stem that appears to be in good health and is actively growing. Instead of the dark green and woody texture of lower stems, upper ones will be a lighter shade of green.

From the node of the old growth, the new stems should break off easily (although snapping them is not recommended).

Leaves that are falling off or stems that are damaged shouldn’t be picked. A robust root system can only be supported by a healthy stem, so focus on the latter.

Find a stem

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