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How to Grow Strawberries Indoor ?

There is no doubt that strawberries are among the most delicious, demanded and popular fruits in the world. They are used for several recipes such as cakes, ice cream, candy, and even in salads, cocktails, and butter. There are countless of delicious recipes that you can make out of strawberries.

Besides their deliciousness, strawberries are also healthy. They’re rich Vitamin C and according to many scientific studies they help maintain good sight, prevent winkles and help against gaining extra weight.

No wonder that many people are seriously considering growing strawberries. However, not all people have farms and gardens. But that is not a problem as strawberries can easily grow in contains and you can grow them indoors.

If you’re planning to go forward, please find below instructions that will guide you and show you how to grow strawberries indoor.

1. Choosing the right variety

The most important thing when choosing a variety is to pick one that produce fruits. Therefore, when you’re out there buying the seeds, make sure to ask for productive ones. There are many varieties of strawberries that produce fruits and they vary in length, taste, size, and colours.

Regardless of the variety you opt for, the best and the most recommended strawberries to grow in doors are the day neutral ones. These varieties do not require a lot of sunlight to grow and they’re small so you can put them anywhere. Best of all, they keep growing around the year and they produce large sized berries.

The best strawberries to grow indoors according to many people are Alpine strawberries, which are also known as Wild strawberries. These varieties are strong, they can endure rough conditions and they can survive in the lack of the sunlight which make them suitable for any place in your house.

2. Choosing the container

The size of container depends on the number of seeds you’re planting. These plants need space between each seed. So, you can grow multiple plants only in a large sized pot. But if you decide to sow multiple seeds, make sure to water them more often as they have a shallow root system.

3. Soil

4 to 5 inches of soil is enough to grow strawberries indoor. They need nutritious soil to grow productive. Light and well-draining soil that is rich in organic matter such as humus, compost, or well-rotted manure is the most recommended.

4. Planting

You can grow strawberries from seeds or mature plants. Growing them from seeds is recommended for better results. Once you have the seeds wash them with fresh water and dry them in paper towels until they’re fully dried.

As we have mentioned before, these plants have a shallow root system and they need space between each other. Make sure you leave at least 18 inches between each see you sow. Then, plant each seed 4 inches deep. 

5. Location

Location matters if you’re not growing day neutral strawberries. All other varieties, just like all fruit producing plant, need minimum 5-6 hours of sunlight. Place them on a sunny windowsill or close to the glass door, or on the balcony. In case you’re using artificial light, they will need to receive about 12-14 hours.

6. Watering

The plants like moist soil but they may die from over watering. Therefore, water them carefully. You can check the surface of the soil with your hand, if it is dry then water them. Also, don’t forget not to water them, these plants they don’t fare well with overwatering or under watering.

7. Fertilizing

Fertilizing is highly recommended for strawberries as they’re hungry plants. They are also sensitive so make sure to fertilize them with a quality well-balanced liquidfertilizer that contains Calcium and Magnesium such as 20-20-20 or Dyna Grow Foliage Pro 9-3-6. Fertilize once in two weeks and if you’re getting results reduce to once in 3 weeks.

8. Pruning, Caring and Pollinating

Check the flowers and remover the unhealthy ones. This will help the plants focus its energy on healthy fruits. Also Leave the young leave and remove all the foliage and hand pollinate the plants.

9. Harvesting

Strawberries are usually ready for harvest in 6 weeks. Some may rich full growth in 4 weeks after fertilizing. Make sure to pick them as soon as they’re ready as they may rot and attract insects. Although strawberries can be stores but for the indoor grown ones it is recommended to consumer them right away. Fresh strawberries juice and strawberries pancake are a good choice.

If you have any questions, please comment them below and we will answer them asap.


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