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How To Keep Your Pumpkins Fresh Throughout the Fall Season! 3 Simple Secrets

The topic of how to keep pumpkins from decaying is one that a lot of people have every October. Today, we’ll discuss a few tips and strategies for preserving Autumn’s globed gems for longer than you ever imagined!


1. Make Sure You Get The Right Pumpkin First

Choosing a healthy fruit is the first step in growing a pumpkin that will last you through the full fall decorating season. You’ll need to search for two key signals to its general health when you select one out of the many.

Start by avoiding pumpkins with obvious cuts, bruising, and discoloration. Bruises and cuts on the skin, as with any vegetable, are the first spots to go bad.

Pay attention to the stem as well as the skin’s flaws. Loose or broken stems are a warning sign that the fall fruit is in peril. Pumpkins with sturdy stems, at least two to three inches long, should be avoided at all costs.

The stems are a good indicator that it has been thoroughly cured, which suggests that it will last a long time on the shelf. What if there is no stem, to begin with? Please don’t bring it back! When the stems are removed from a pumpkin, it is the most susceptible to deterioration.


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