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How to Lose Weight in 21 Days with a Morning Challenge?

It’s recommended that you get your workout in first thing in the morning. You’ll feel revitalized afterward and ready to take on the day. Today’s article will walk you through a morning routine that can help you burn calories more quickly throughout the day.

You can see noticeable changes in as little as three weeks if you commit to the plan and avoid slacking off. The best part is that you can perform these workouts right at home without having to drive to a gym.



During the first week, each exercise should last 30 seconds with a 15-second break in between. You should aim to complete two sets in the first week.

In the second week, instead of spending 45 seconds on each exercise, you should spend 55 seconds, with a 15-second break in between. The first week’s routine should be repeated twice.

For the last week, you should aim to work out for 80 seconds straight before taking a 10-second break. Perform three sets in the final week.

Read on to find out the proper way to perform each exercise so you may achieve your desired body.


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