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How to Lubricate a Garage Door for Smooth Operation?

Our lives are made easier by automatic garage doors. However, if these modern conveniences are not regularly maintained, they may begin to make too much noise and may even malfunction or break. As a result, learning how to lubricate garage door parts is critical for proper operation and long-term use. To keep everything moving smoothly, you should lubricate the moving parts on your garage door once every six months.

There are a few other important maintenance tasks to complete before thinking about how to grease a garage door. These include inspecting the rollers and hinges, tightening the chain, and ensuring that all of the door’s nuts and bolts are tight. While performing these maintenance tasks, you may discover other potential issues that are contributing to the excessive noise made by your garage door.

After you’ve finished up with the necessary upkeep, shut the garage door and turn off the power, and then continue on to the following steps.


1. Clean the garage door tracks with a vacuum and a damp cloth

Cleaning the garage tracks is the first step in lubricating garage doors. The tracks must be clean in order for the rollers to move smoothly as they open and close the door, but they should not be lubricated.

To begin, vacuum any dust or large debris from the tracks. Next, remove any lingering dust or dirt with a damp rag. You can use an automotive brake cleaner to loosen and remove stubborn and stuck-on messes if necessary.


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