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How to make a decorative and functional DIY ladder shelf

You can transform an old useless ladder into a beautiful decorative ladder shelf easily. A ladder shelf will accommodate your pots and allow you to have many container gardens. Besides, you can place it either indoors or outdoors. Making a DIY ladder shelf is not complicated. In fact, you don’t need any special skills for this project. All you should do is to follow the below steps.

  1. Step one

DIY ladder shelf

The first step for making a DIY shelf ladder is to prepare all the materials you will need. These materials are inexpensive and widely available in stores. You can also buy them online if you wish too. These materials are:

  • Potted Plants
  • Screws
  • paints
  • Grinder
  • A screwdriver
  • Saw
  • Pencil
  • Planks or boards
  • An old ladder

2. Step two

step 1

In order for your ladder to become beautiful and decorative, you have to clean it first from all the dirt. You can also paint it too and wait for it to dry before you start working on it. This might be time-consuming but the results will be worth the effort.

3. Step Three

step 2

The third step is quite simple. It is about measuring the length of the shelves you are planning on adding to your ladder. You can add as many shelves as want as long you take the proper measurements. The above shelve should be the shortest, but, the below shelf is the longest. Each shelf should be long enough to protrude 10 cm from both sides of the ladder.

4. Step Four

step 3

Once the right measurements are ready, now it is time to prepare the shelves for your DIY ladder shelf. Take the wooden planks or boards and start cutting them according to the measurements of the shelves you have taken. Be careful while you are cutting.

5. Step Five

step 4

Use the screws and the screwdriver to fix the shelves on your ladder. It is recommended that you use 30 mm screws. They are perfect to fix wood and once you countersink them, they become totally invisible. While fixing the shelves, you should also leave an adequate space between each shelf. This will make it easier for the ladder to hold your plants.

6. Step Six

step 5

If you haven’t painted the ladder yet, now is the right time for it. Choose a color with aesthetics properties for your ladder. White is the most common choice but you can also opt for gray and beige. These colors draw attention to the lush green foliage, bright flowers, and colorful containers.

7. Step seven

step 6
Now your decorative DIY ladder shelf is ready, all you need to do is to adorn it with some pots. Makes sure to paint the pots in different colors to make the whole ladder looks colorful and attractive. Place indoor in a visible corner and it will make the whole room delightful and charming.
This is how to make a DIY ladder shelf easily and successfully. Follow thee steps and you will have this amazing ornamental ladder shelf in no time. This a recommended DIY project because it is easy, effortless and most of all it is really useful.

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