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How to naturally get rid of bats in your house? Here are 8 humane methods that actually work

Although bats are typically quite harmless, you probably still wouldn’t want to have them as housemates. Bats should not be allowed inside of your house for any reason, as they can be noisy, destroy your insulation, and even spread fatal diseases.

If you’ve seen one bat in your house, chances are good that there are more lurking around. If you want to get rid of bats, you need to find where they are roosting, and they often choose insulation in attics or walls.

Similar to getting rid of raccoons, it’s crucial to remove these mammals gently. Fortunately, there are a few different natural humane ways to attempt this.

Rachel Crow, Garden Editor for Homes & Gardens, says bats are protected in many states and countries, including the UK. Thus, it is extremely important to check your local regulations about bat removal or disruption before doing anything to avoid legal trouble or damaging the bats.



In order to prevent bats from returning, it is important to seal off any entry points they might use, such as cracks or holes in the building, and especially the roof.

Our attic spaces mimic the cavernous conditions of bats’ natural habitats, with the added benefit that our roofs are usually insulated, providing the bats with comfort as well as shelter,’ Rachel says. The elimination of potential access sites not only helps to keep bats out of your home, but may also prove useful in eliminating them.

‘You may humanely filter bats out of your home by covering all possible openings and installing a bat cone, a little device that permits bats to squeeze out but not back in.’ While it may take some time, it does not disturb the bats on purpose, making it legal in many states and countries throughout the world.’

However, this technique works well with smaller bat groups rather than massive bat colonies.


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