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How To Plant Fall Onions: Get A Bumper Crop Next Year By Planting This Fall!

The fall is the best time of year to plant onions in the garden. And for many great reasons!

To begin with, it’s a welcome change of pace to be able to plant in the crisp autumn air. Especially after caring for, weeding, and harvesting the garden in the summer heat.

In addition, planting onions in the fall is the key to an earlier harvest in the spring. And to top it all off, the onions are bigger, sweeter, and more flavorful than ever before! With these advantages in mind, let’s have a look at how to plant fall onions successfully:

2. Getting the Soil Ready

Outstanding soil is the foundation for great onions, spring or fall. An onion’s optimal growing conditions are on soil that is free of stones, rich, and well-drained. Adding compost to the soil before planting is a huge benefit!

You must add compost to the bottom of the planting hole no matter how you plant.

Before planting, add a few inches of compost at the bottom of each row. Onion bulbs can grow swiftly in loose, nutrient-rich soil because of this.

If your soil is clay-like or hard, amending it is much more critical. Root crops are less likely to thrive in soil that is too hard. Prior to planting, amend hard soils using an equal mixture of compost and sand. As the bulbs begin to expand, this will aid in both drainage and root development.

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