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Learn How To Preserve Your Garden’s Seeds For Next Year’s Crops!

Gardeners who preserve their own vegetable seeds not only cut down on their annual gardening expenditures but also see their plants improve in health, vitality, and yield with each passing season.

Starting a garden can be costly, what with having to buy new seed or transplants every spring. But not if you harvest your crops, dry the seeds, and plant them the following year.

And there’s nothing quite like watching your plants sprout and flourish from tiny little seeds! So how to keep you your vegetable seeds for the next year’s crops?


1. Seeds To Avoid

Knowing which vegetable seeds can be preserved and which ones can’t is the first step to a successful seed-saving endeavor. Let’s start with the fact that the seed of hybrid plants is not worth storing.

Hybrid plants are the offspring of at least two different types of plants. The following year’s crop cannot be regrown from the seeds of this year’s crop.

They instead revert to either one of the parent plants in the hybrid or, more commonly, an undesirable mutant. Oddly shaped, flavorless fruit is a common problem with plants grown from hybrid seeds. And sometimes there’s even nothing to bear!


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