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The Best Ways to Save & Store Coffee Grounds and Egg Shells for Your Garden!

One of the best things you can do to get ready for a great gardening season is to start saving and storing all of your used coffee grounds and eggshells in the fall, winter, and early spring.

But it can be hard to get to and take care of your compost pile in the winter when you have a lot of kitchen scraps. However, you can save your coffee grounds and eggshells with a few simple, safe, and easy steps for when you need them most, in the spring when you are planting your garden.


1. Why saving eggshells and coffee grounds is so important?

Coffee grounds have small amounts of nitrogen and other minerals and nutrients that plants need. In addition, they help attract worms and improve the soil’s structure and ability to absorb water.

Egg shells, on the other hand, have small amounts of nutrients that are good for plants and the soil. When mixed into the soil, these nutrients are easily washed out and taken up by the plant’s roots. We put both of these things down in every planting hole in the spring for all of these reasons and more.

Every hole we dig on the farm, whether it’s to plant tomato, pepper, and other vegetable transplants or to plant our annual flowers, we put coffee grounds and eggshells. We also put both on top of many of our plants to give them more nutrients and keep pests away.

This is why we need and use a lot of both when we plant. And the only way to make sure we have enough is to save our eggshells and coffee grounds all year long. But it can be hard to keep them from getting moldy or stinky when you store them.


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