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Ideas For Successful Landscaping Around a Swimming Pool

Ideas For Successful Landscaping Around a Swimming Pool

A swimming pool with landscaping fits much better into the garden than a blue “spot” placed in the middle of the lawn. Here are some ideas to ensure that your swimming pool located near the house blends perfectly into its surroundings.

Plan a large beach in your project

The beach is the transition zone between the pool and the garden. It is also the area most used by swimmers to dry off in the sun and sunbathe.

To take full advantage of it, it must therefore be large enough because you will tend to live there and relax more than elsewhere.

In order to break the strict geometric shape of the basin, but also for the practical side, this terrace must be wider on the side of the access to the water by the steps of the swimming pool.

A few tips for taking care of the layout of this space:

  • Set up several brightly colored deckchairs and at least one umbrella or pergola for shade, as well as a few garden benches .
  • In the evening, a pretty garden furniture can replace part of the pool furniture to have a dinner by the water on your terrace.
  • Install pots, planters and shrubs: the plants will quickly take on volume, softening the geometric rigor of your pool while protecting you from the sight of neighbours.

Natural materials on the floor near the swimming pool

From the point of view of floor decoration, all colors are permitted. But we must take into account several constraints for the practical side.

The coating chosen must not freeze, must not be slippery and it must resist bad weather.

The tiling

There is a large choice of shapes, sizes and colors of tiles, which match any style of swimming pool (classic, contemporary or design) and this, for all budgets.

But before thinking about decoration, the most important thing is already to choose non-slip tiles (classified R11 or PC20) in order to circulate safely around the pool, even if the ground is wet.

Whenever possible, choose rough porcelain stoneware: they are very resistant.

If your swimming pool is located near the house, it is better that the tiling chosen for the beach is in continuity with the living room and that it goes well with the color of the facade.

Natural stone tiles

Stone is a natural material, robust and durable, which adapts to almost all styles of decoration. Around the swimming pool, you have the choice between a regular pose (in Roman opus) or irregular (incertum).

Do not choose slabs that are too white because they dazzle in the summer and get dirty more quickly. Do not choose them too dark either, otherwise, in the sun, they will burn your feet.

Reconstituted stone slabs

Easy to maintain after applying a water-repellent protective product, they imitate old natural stone paving.

But they are easier to install with double gluing, on the floor and on the tiles.

The wooden terrace

The wooden slats are naturally non-slip and water does not stagnate there.

The best woods for a pool area are rot-proof exotic species such as teak and ipe. The blades then take on a pretty gray color as they age and do not require any particular maintenance.

Scots pine with class 4 or 5 core treatment against rotting and parasites is less expensive and can withstand permanent water.

On a concrete floor, it is easy to install on joists installed on height-adjustable pedestals.

On uneven ground, construction is more complicated.

Ideas For Successful Landscaping Around a Swimming Pool

Arrange around the pool with plants

Around your pool, you can plant trees, shrubs, flower beds and ground cover plants. Choose them carefully. These plants must resist chlorine or salt water as well as frequent passages.

Warning ! You should avoid placing plants with deciduous foliage, small leaves or light flowers too close to the water, and keep large trees that lose their leaves in autumn as far away as possible, otherwise your pool maintenance will be complicated.

Around the pool, plant evergreen plants such as cedars, boxwood, non-tracing bamboo (Fargesia), cypresses, etc. They require less maintenance, especially if you choose dwarf varieties.

If you are not very comfortable combining plants or if you are worried about the final result of the layout of your swimming pool, do not hesitate to call on a team of landscapers.

Practical facilities around the swimming pool

Swimming pools are not just places to swim. They are more broadly living spaces in the summer: to eat, to read, to rest or have a good time with friends over a drink.

Some ideas of constructions or accessories to integrate into your project.

A summer kitchen

If you’re a do-it-yourselfer, building a sheltered kitchen area by the pool is easy. A water point (sink) and a large work surface are enough to accompany a built-in barbecue or a plancha. In terms of decoration, everything is possible: tiles, wood, or stone… depending on the rest of the landscape.

A solar shower

Convenient for rinsing the skin of salt or chlorine when leaving the pool, the outdoor shower quickly becomes essential on your terrace. Choose it in dark colored metal (the water heats up faster) and with a capacity of at least 30 litres.

Install it in a corner of the beach, sheltered from the wind. If you fear the sight of neighbors, you can use a mobile screen. It’s simple and very effective.

The pool house

Often used to install the swimming pool pump, the pool water filtration and treatment system , sheltered from the weather , this shelter can also be used to store all the accessories.

Its construction can be made of concrete blocks or wood and must be planned from the start of the project if you want to use it as a technical room.

Provide space: deckchairs, deckchairs, parasol, original pallet bench , cushions, inflatable buoys… The pool furniture and water games take up space!

The wooden screen

Decorative and practical, a screen wall or a wooden trellis are easy to install. They protect from the wind and the sight of neighbors. They can also be used to separate the pool area from the rest of the garden without really partitioning it off.

There is a large choice of patterns and combinations to create beautiful compositions: espalier separations, semi-circular panels… which you can decorate with climbing plants!

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