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Instructions for a Successful Potted Garlic Crop

Garlic is a useful crop even before it has been harvested. A wide variety of pest species are put off or distracted by this plant, making it a great choice for a companion.

Garlic and other edible crops need a lot of room to grow, but not everyone has access to acres upon acres of land. The good news is that garlic can be grown just about anywhere, in containers or pots.


1. How to Choose the Right Garlic

Choosing the best garlic variety for your climate is the first step to growing garlic successfully in containers.

The two most common kinds of garlic bulbs are hardneck and softneck sets.

All the way through the middle of a hardneck bulb is a long flowering stem (the scape). Softnecks have more cloves because they lack a stem. There are instances where a single bulb will produce more than 30 cloves, but typically 8-20 is the average.

As a general rule, hardneck varieties are the best choice for gardeners in cooler climates. If you want to get more garlic scapes out of your garden, you should grow hardneck varieties.

Soft-neck cultivars lack the ability to produce scapes. In contrast, softneck garlic has a longer storage life and is more suitable for gardeners in warmer climates.


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