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Keep Your Houseplants Happy by Following These Ten Steps!

The foundation for your plants’ long-term health is laid in the care you take while repotting them. Make sure your houseplants have a happy and healthy life by following these steps before you put them in the ground.

Here are 10 Things to Check Off Your List Before Bringing Houseplants Inside.

2. Use Water Absorbing Crystals

Crystals and hydrogels that collect water have the unique ability to store this liquid and slowly release it back into the environment. This feature is great for busy gardeners who don’t have time to tend to their plants, especially when it comes to watering.

Add a handful or more (the exact number may vary depending on the volume of soil) of hydrogel crystals to a pot of medium size after you have prepared the potting mix. Your houseplants will be able to take in just the right amount of water and flourish as a result.


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