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Rare, Unusual and Exclusive Flower Bulbs

Rare, Unusual and Exclusive Flower Bulbs

Every year we look for the rare, untraceable, coveted bulb that will surprise you. Among the lot of novelties offered this year in our spring catalog, we have unearthed some nuggets for you.

Rare, Unusual and Exclusive Flower Bulbs
Pleione forrestii: The lemon yellow flowers of this terrestrial orchid reveal a subtle spicy scent. Rustic down to -5C °, it will be grown in a pot or in a shaded rock garden, protected.
Rare, Unusual and Exclusive Flower Bulbs
Arisaema sikokianum: It is the earliest species of the genus and arguably one of the most graceful.
Calanthe discolor: Native to the Japanese mountains, this terrestrial evergreen orchid is quite hardy in our undergrowth. It is rustic down to -12C °
Sanguinaria canadensis Flore Pleno: This small perennial ground cover reveals magnificent double flowers, immaculate white. Its strain sucks in rich, cool and light soils.

Rare plant is not always synonymous with “uncultivable plant”, rare bulbs are not necessarily the hardest to cultivate, they are rare by their shape, their crossing, their color, their fragrance … But all have a touch originality. They don’t like excess: not too much shade, sun, wind, water, or too much drought.

The ideal for cultivating them for a long time is to be able to have a light, fresh soil rich in humus with a neutral or acid tendency. They will be ideally planted in a rock garden in cool shade or in a massif facing north or west, leaning against the wall of the house, the soil of which has been amended with potting soil.

Rest assured, if you do not have these conditions, the rare bulbs accept very well the culture in pot, moreover the most cautious will be exclusively planted in pots, just be careful not to water them too much when they are dormant because they cannot stand excess water.

A tip: when planting, place your bulb on a 5cm bed of gravel or sand to allow good drainage and ensure long life.


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