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7 Ways in Which Rats Are Ruining Your House & How to Prevent Them

Rats, which have a terrible reputation for being destructive pests, can and do chew through almost anything, mostly because they have to “trim” their teeth, which keep growing.

They can also spread disease and damage property. Whether or not rats caused the plague in the 1400s, these rodents carry pathogens that can make people sick, especially hantavirus, a rare infectious disease that can cause heart and lung problems that can be fatal.

That being said, today’s piece will discuss the seven ways in which rats cause damage to your home and the measures you can take to keep them out.


1. PEX Pipe Problems

Cross-linked polyethylene pipe was made to replace expensive copper and galvanized steel pipes because it doesn’t rust, doesn’t need to be soldered, and doesn’t break when it freezes. But mice and rats can chew through this cheap, flexible plastic tubing, which is a bad thing.

Seal holes around vent pipes and get rid of clutter around the house to keep them out. Call a pest control company as soon as you see droppings, chewed wood, or things that have been torn up.


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