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Save Your Hanging Baskets & Container Plants From Dying!

Many flower baskets and potted plants begin to deteriorate as summer progresses. Flowers and leaves that were once vibrantly colored and ready to enliven a porch or patio now appear more as if they belong in the compost pile.

Don’t get rid of all of your plants just yet! It’s much simpler than you might expect to revive those unhappy plants. Even for individuals who haven’t experienced gardeners or don’t believe they have a “green thumb.”

Here are two easy ways to revitalize your plants and start them blooming big again, as well as an explanation of why most hanging baskets and containers fail.

Here are 2 methods to revive dying hanging baskets and containers.

2. Replanting

You’ll have to dispose of the plant because it’s too big to fit in a basket or container you can locate. Don’t get rid of the plant again! As an alternative, consider replanting it in your landscape for an annual display of vibrant color.

Using this approach has been a great way to save money for us for years. Not only does it help save the plant, but it also brightens up any area of the yard that may need some extra color.

When placed in flowerbeds or garden spaces, large hanging baskets and container plants can enjoy a second life of their own. Soak some compost or worm castings into the soil while removing the plants from their containers, then plant them directly into the ground.

Provide plenty of water and liquid fertilizer to the plant, just as you would when transplanting it. This will help it get off to a good start in its new environment. You’ll be amazed at how rapidly the plant revives itself in the new area and soil.


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