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Secrets for Melting Ice Without Using Salt or Ice Melt – #3 Will Surprise You!

If you’re stuck at home in the snow and don’t have any rock salt or ice melt, don’t worry! Try one of these alternative methods for melting ice and keeping your driveway, walk, and porch free of snow and ice.

For the safety of your home, pets, kids, and the environment, consider using one of these seven alternative methods for melting ice without salt or ice melt.


1. Eliminate Shoveling with Snow Melting Mats – An Innovative Solution for Dealing with Ice Outdoors

“Snow melting mats are a passive and effective way to deal with ice and snow outdoors. Simply lay them along a walking path or porch, plug them in, and let the heat generated from the mats melt the ice and snow.

Although the initial cost of purchasing and installing a snow melting mat system is higher than buying rock salt, it may be worth it in the long run if you never have to shovel again.”


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