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Target Will Begin Paying Employees $24 Per Hour as an Initial Wage

Many people are concerned about a lack of available workers in recent years, especially in light of the consequences of the COVID pandemic. Companies of all sizes across the country are having trouble filling lower-skilled, lower-paying positions, such as those in fast food and retail. The minimum wage is widely seen as a contributing factor.

But because of this, many businesses are speaking out. Certain companies have gone to great lengths to increase pay in order to attract and retain workers and to end labor shortages. Target is the most recent company to announce an increase in its starting salary.


1. Target’s Starting Wage History

When it comes to increasing starting salaries, Target has always been a frontrunner. In 2017, it raised the wage to $15/hour, which was followed by other big companies like Best Buy. Even Amazon has raised its minimum wage to $15 per hour.


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