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The 7 Most Effective Pest-Repelling Plants and How to Use Them in Your Garden

Everyone could use a little less exposure to bugs, especially the biting, stinging, pantry-raiding variety. Getting rid of unwanted bugs in the home is an age-old challenge with a wide variety of answers.

Using pest-repellent plants to keep off pests and rodents is a preferred method of getting rid of them. The best part about employing plants to ward off pests is that it’s completely natural, so it does no harm and enhances the aesthetic value of your garden.

Which plants will keep away pests?


1. Lavender 

It’s effective against mice, moths, and even beetles.

This lovely and useful perennial is hated by most insects and rodents. To keep pests at bay in your herb garden, all you need to do is plant lavender once and it will come back year after year.

For pest control, gather some lavender, dry it, and then hang it up in the house or make some herb sachets to tuck inside your drawers and cabinets.


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