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The Best Way To Replant Cucumbers In The Summer For A Big Fall Crop

Cucumbers can be easily replanted in the summer by spreading a few seeds. As a bonus, it could lead to a late-season rush of cucumbers!

Sadly, many cucumber plants begin to perish around mid-summer. Every year, the beloved vegetable plants suffer from the harsh, dry summer sun or pests and diseases, regardless of where they are being grown: traditional gardens raised beds and containers.

So, what does a gardener have to do? You may have a good harvest by the time the plants begin to perish. It’s true, however, that you won’t be able to grow any more this year.

Here’s how to start a new crop of cucumbers from seeds this summer.


1. Select Fast-Growing Cucumber Varieties!

Choosing cucumber varieties with a short seed-to-fruit maturity time is one of the most important factors in summer replanting success. You’ll be able to get as many cucumbers as possible out of the garden before the first frost this way.

These include Spacemaster, National Pickling Cucumber, Boston Pickling Cucumber, and Marketer. As all of these cucumber cultivars bear fruit in as little as 55 days, they are ideal for planting in the summer.


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