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Top 15 Things You Should Never Clean With Vinegar

Numerous bloggers and glossy magazines extol the disinfecting powers of vinegar, and it is true that vinegar, when diluted with water, may be used to effectively clean a wide variety of surfaces. Vinegar is effective in descaling coffee makers and other appliances, but it leaves behind a sticky residue and can damage some surfaces if used improperly. Keep reading to learn about some items that should never be cleaned with vinegar.

First of all, a word of caution: don’t assume that combining vinegar with other cleaning agents will increase their effectiveness. In reality, vinegar can emit harmful fumes when combined with certain items, such as bleach. Avoid using random combinations of cleaning solutions, and be careful when using more than one at once.


1. Knives

Vinegar is not a good choice for cleaning your expensive knife set. The acid can eat away at the metal, making knives less effective. Instead, use soap and warm water to clean your knives and always dry them completely before storing them.


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