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Top 5 Most Dangerous Plants in American

You probably have at least one poisonous plant in your garden, which may come as a shock to you. Some just appear out of nowhere and take over your entire yard.

Some species are more covert, dispersing their offspring via birds, wind, and unsuspecting humans in order to invade and supplant native flora and fauna in forested areas.

Some wait for the curious pet to bite before launching a life-threatening attack.

Get to know some of the biggest bullies on the botanical block before you dig another hole for your next plant.


1. English Ivy

It’s aesthetically pleasing to watch it clamber up a tree or a wall, but it’s not safe. As its name suggests, English ivy (Hedera helix) has a sneaky way of suffocating its host. A common fast-spreading groundcover, it chokes out other plants to form a thick carpet that is uninhabitable to wildlife.

As a vine, it can completely smother a smaller plant, preventing the host from receiving sunlight and eventually dying. Woody plants will likely die from the stress of its weight alone, and it will certainly break branches and/or weaken them.

English ivy, a plant native to Europe and Western Asia, bears tiny black berries that are spread by birds.


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