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Top 6 Fall Vegetables To Plant and Harvest In Just 45 Days

There is, amazingly, still time to plant some tasty fall vegetables. And it makes no difference whether your garden is conventional or raised, or if you use pots or containers.

Even though the end of summer and the beginning of fall are rapidly approaching, there are still enough growing days in most growing zones to plant and harvest a few fall vegetable crops.

Garlic and onions for the coming year are best planted in the fall, but there is still time to plant veggies and greens for harvest this season.

2. Lettuce

As a fall vegetable harvest, lettuce is highly recommended. Fall’s chilly, crisp weather is perfect for cultivating a wide variety of leafy greens. And many types such as baby Leaf, bib and mesclun mixes can be harvested in as little as 21 days.

Moreover, they can be picked repeatedly. Fresh salads can be enjoyed well into the winter months if the warmer weather of autumn lasts a little longer.

Lettuce thrives in rich, well-drained soil. Incorporate a lot of compost to replenish the soil with the plant material that has been developing all summer to stimulate rapid expansion.

Plant lettuce seeds about half an inch apart and one-quarter of an inch deep, and then water thoroughly.


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