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What You Need to Know About Keeping Your Hostas in Top Shape All Summer!

A few easy ideas and methods can go a long way toward success when it comes to spring-through-fall care for hosta plants.

For shade-loving plants, Hostas are among the most popular. No other shade plant can match the variety of color and texture that their dense, rich foliage adds to flowerbeds. But for many home gardeners, the challenge is how to maintain their hostas looking their best after the season has over.

There is, however, an alternative. In fact, you can keep your hosta plants looking great until the first frost if you take a little additional care.

How to keep hosta plants looking great all summer?


1. Locate Your Hostas

When it comes to cultivating hostas, location is everything! Make sure your hosta plants are in the best place to grow before you do anything else. In general, Hostas prefer a shady environment, but they can handle a small amount of sunlight.

Hosta plants thrive when they are exposed to morning or evening sunshine. Avoid growing them in areas that are exposed to the afternoon sun.

The fiercest of the sun’s rays, the midday sun, is the most damaging to plants. It’s especially true for plants that favor shady areas.

When the hotter, more powerful rays of the summer sun begin to reach in July and August, many hosta plants that were doing well in the spring begin to wilt. This is because they were placed where the afternoon sun hits.

Locate Your Hostas

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