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What You Need to Know About Keeping Your Hostas in Top Shape All Summer!

A few easy ideas and methods can go a long way toward success when it comes to spring-through-fall care for hosta plants.

For shade-loving plants, Hostas are among the most popular. No other shade plant can match the variety of color and texture that their dense, rich foliage adds to flowerbeds. But for many home gardeners, the challenge is how to maintain their hostas looking their best after the season has over.

There is, however, an alternative. In fact, you can keep your hosta plants looking great until the first frost if you take a little additional care.

How to keep hosta plants looking great all summer?

2. Take Out Spent Blooms – Or All Of The Blooms!

Because of the energy required by the plant to produce the long, wispy flowers, hosta plants may not look their best by mid-summer. Especially if the flowers are left on the plant for an excessive amount of time.

As soon as the blossoms on the blooms begin to fade, remove the blooms and the stems of the blooms. In the event that they are left to decompose on the plant, they drain the plant’s energy. Green and healthy foliage depends on a constant supply of energy.

By removing the wasted bloom and stem as quickly as possible, the plant is able to refocus its energy on producing and maintaining its beautiful leaves instead.

Hosta plant leaf structure is highly valued by many gardeners, hence they never allow their plants to flower.

Instead, as soon as the bloom stems form, they cut them off and discard them. As a result, the plant is able to devote all of its energy to expanding the canopy of its leaves.

Take Out Spent Blooms – Or All Of The Blooms!

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